A Robot in the Orange Orchard (2022)


Lu Kun, chairman of the ’emu’ technology company, suffers from a rare illness. When he touches a person, he suffers an allergic reaction. It happened that Dr. genius Bo Yang secretly created the intelligent companion robot “Friday”. As a last resort, Dr. Fu Yang hired his former assistant Yang Shan Shan to replace him. Because Yang Shan Shan played “Friday”, Lu Run had an infinite sense of security. I found that as long as there is a place where “Friday” is present, the ground can come into contact with humans and no longer be allergic. This discovery made him even more inseparable from “Friday”. Lu Kun’s warmth and innocence and love for “Friday” gradually broke Yang Shan Shan’s heart. Knowing that deception may cause Lu Tun’s illness to worsen or even die, Yang Shan Shan had to bury the truth about not being a robot.

Lu Kun’s rival, Li Jing Cheng, secretly investigated that Lu Kun was secretly working on a robotics project. Li Jing Cheng also discovered about “Friday”. At the same time, the truth about the car accident more than ten years resurfaced.

Director: Xing Xiao [邢潇]

Also known as: 你好呀,我的橘子恋人 Ni Hao Ya Wo De Ju Zi Lian Ren Hello My Orange Lover


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , , ,

A Robot in the Orange Orchard (2022) full episodes

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