A First Love Story (2021)


[First part] “I’m going to the army.” Min Kyu was surprised at the unexpected news. He is uncomfortable with the news of Jae Sung’s enlistment, but he does not know why. He pretends not to care, but his heart doesn’t calm down. Min Kyu feels like he shouldn’t miss Jae Sung. [Second part] Jae Sung runs to Min Kyu as soon as he gets a military leave. Unlike Jae Sung, who had only thought of Min Kyu, the latter seemed excited about his new college life and bragged that he became a popular guy on campus. Jae Sung is a little upset to see him like that.

Also known as: A First Love Story - Why Are You Talking About That Now? '퍼스트 러브 스토리' - 형은 왜 지금 그런 얘길 해? A First Love Story - The Reason I Fell in Love with You


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